Features of Weather Web Tab

Weather Web Tab is a free web browser extension loaded with the best in class features.

1 Get Weather Reports with Date & Time

Enjoy live weather reports with date and time on your new tab window. You don’t have to close or minimize your browser to fetch the details you’re looking for. Having all this information on your current tab is always better so that you don't need to close the tab to access it. Thus, Weather Web Tab lets you view all these particulars on the new tab.

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2 Accurate Search Results by Yahoo.

There are several questions that only a search engine can answer. Weather Web Tab works as your go-to place whenever you require an answer to any question ranging from the number of stars to the best football player. This tool fetches search results for all your queries through Yahoo in the flash of a second.

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3 Customize Your Experience

Things look better if they can be customized according to your preferences. The same is true in the case of wallpapers. Customizable wallpapers are something that almost every user desires. Therefore, Weather Web Tab has a unique collection of customizable wallpapers for the new tab.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more? Here's a list of the most asked questions from millions of users.

Q1. What is Weather Web Tab Extension? faq-arrow

Weather Web Tab Extension is simply a web-extension utility that provides you with several features in just one click. It helps you in being able to perform multiple tasks on a single tab. With this extension, you do not need to switch tabs to search for something on the web. Just click on the Weather Web Tab Extension, and it will provide you with some authentic search results.

The extension makes Yahoo as your default search engine. Along with this, it also offers various other features such as weather reports, stunning wallpapers on the new tab, etc. It is the best web extension utility for multi-tasking people.

Being a tab extension, Weather Web Tab Extension offers a bunch of useful features. Below are some of the prominent ones.

  • Users do not have to switch tabs to perform a web search.
  • It makes Yahoo as your default search engine and provides one of the most authentic search results.
  • Weather Web Tab Extension also provides live weather reports.
  • The extension also provides beautiful wallpapers on the new tab.

It is quite easy to install Weather Web Tab Extension on your browser. However, make sure the extension is compatible with your web browser.

Once you have checked the compatibility, here are the instructions you should take care of for a successful installation of Weather Web Tab Extension.

  • Go to the link: https://www.weatherwebtab.com/
  • Click Get Weather Web Tab Extension for Chrome.
  • It will take you to the browser's extension page.
  • Now select Add to Chrome.
  • After that, provide your confirmation by clicking the ‘Add extension’ option.

Hurray! You have installed Weather Web Tab Extension successfully. Now enjoy fast web searches and live weather updates without even switching tabs.

If you are a person who likes to perform multiple tasks, then you should use Weather Web Tab Extension. Here are some of the advantages of using this tab extension on your web browser.

  • First of all, it boosts your multi-tasking capabilities. You can perform several tasks while staying on a particular tab.
  • It offers single-click access to search engines like Yahoo.
  • The extension is quite helpful if you are performing research as it allows you to access additional information while being on the same webpage.
  • The utility also saves your time by preventing you from switching multiple tabs.
  • You can also get live weather updates.
  • It offers quite accurate search results by using Yahoo as the default search engine.
  • Weather Web Tab Extension also provides stunning wallpapers on the new tab to keep you focused and engaged.